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Rents set to rise again in 2022?

The long-term undersupply of rental properties across the country, especially in South and West Yorkshire is expected to support rental growth into 2022.

In addition, the supply shortage coupled with the strength of the employment market which, despite the pandemic, is set to remain robust, will in turn support demand and sustain rental growth.

The portal says the level of rental demand might ease in the near term in line with seasonal trends, but demand levels will remain higher than usual, especially in city centres such as Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds and Wakefield where there is an element of pent-up demand being released.

On the supply side, rental stock will remain tight, amid lower levels of investment into the sector by landlords, and this will underpin rental pricing.

There is more leeway for stronger rental growth in areas of the country where rents are relatively more affordable, such as Yorkshire, suggesting that rents could rise above earnings outside of the south of England, supporting rental growth across the UK excluding London at 6.0 per cent in 2021 and 4.0 per cent in 2022.

Meanwhile, London rental growth is expected to pick up to 3.5 per cent with rents ultimately exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

The swing back of demand into city centres, including Sheffield, has underpinned another rise in rents in Q3, especially as the supply of rental property remains tight.

Households looking for the flexibility of rental accommodation, especially students and city workers, are back in the market after consecutive lockdowns affected demand levels in major cities meaning good news for any Landlords with properties in Sheffield which is home to the two of the best Universities in the UK.

Meanwhile, just as in the sales market, there is still a cohort of renters looking for properties offering more space, or a more rural or coastal location.

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By chance we came across Sandie at Bruce Simpson, having always used “bigger” more well known companies before when needing to find tenants for our rental properties. Never again. The service far exceeded our expectations and went over and beyond, it was worth every penny of the more than reasonable fee payable. Sandie did everything Haybrooks did not. She achieved more in one week than they did in one month, keeping us posted in a kind and friendly way every step of the way. Bruce Simpson excels in providing a personal service, covering every aspect needed effortlessly. Thank you. 100% would recommend to landlords and tenants alike.

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I have been working with Bruce & Simpson for nearly a year now. Great communication, fills rooms quickly and solves any problems that arise with tenants!

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